Jay Romero sees Pristine Edge dressed up for a night and excitedly finds her stepmother. She then receives a text message and becomes upset after reading it. Jay asks Pristine why she is upset. She explains that Jay’s father was supposed to take her to a nice dinner to celebrate their anniversary. Her husband is so busy that he’s canceled their plans again. Jay becomes upset for Pristine and then has an idea. Jay tells Pristine that she should keep her date clothes on and to come join him in the kitchen within an hour. Jay then leaves and Pristine is intrigued. Jay then calls Pristine into his kitchen. Jay greets her as she enters the room and presents a bouquet with flowers and a candlelit meal. Jay’s dinner isn’t very fancy and he is wearing a slightly larger suit than Pristine. Jay tells Pristine that he wants this night to be memorable and offers to be her date. Pristine is touched and accepts.
Pristine, who was very grateful for Jay’s kindness after dinner, reflects innocently on Jay’s inability to do everything she would like. Pristine confesses that she wanted to be intimate that night with her husband. Jay is bold and insists that he wants Pristine to have the full date experience. Jay is shocked and excited when Pristine accepts his offer.
Jay eats Pristine’s pussy after they kiss. He strokes her beautiful pussy and then she fucks him in various positions. This gives her the attention and pleasure that she deserves. Jay will happily fill the role of Pristine’s husband if he doesn’t treat her well.