Transfer Forms & Info

Transfers – A player who wishes to leave one club and play with another Club must apply for a transfer. However, a player who has not played League or Championship football for a period of 3 years is exempt from transfer rules provided other eligibility conditions are satisfied

Dublin Inter Club Transfers - A player, who wishes to leave one Dublin club to join another in the same County, must apply to the Dublin County Board on the official transfer form for a transfer. This also applies to a disbanded Club unless governed by Rule 319. Please note in conjunction with Dublin byelaws transfers within Dublin will be dealt with at the January and July County Board meetings only.

The next deadline for receipt of transfer applications within Dublin is on or before the close of business (5.30pm) on 15th January  2023.  

The Dublin County Board shall have power to refuse or grant such transfers taking into account the best interests of the Association.

Transfers into or out of Dublin - A player seeking an Inter–Club transfer outside the County in which she last played, must seek her release from her former Club by completing the official transfer form. The form must be signed by her former Club and County Secretaries, who must forward it to the Secretary of the County to which she is transferring, who in turn must forward to the relevant Provincial Secretary or CEO.

Eligibility conditions are also governed by Rule 146.

 Inter club Transfer Form

 Juvenile Inter club Transfer Form

The following is the Rule governing Permission to Play - Where there is a club in a player’s CCA, but the club is unable to provide football for her at Adult or Underage level, the player must register with her CCA Club. Where there is club football for her in another club within her CCA, she may get permission to play or transfer to that club.She cannot transfer or get permission to play with another club outside her CCA whilst there is a club in her CCA, unless she is exempted under Rule 137. (Home Club) This permission is to be renewed on an annual basis. Where there is no adult club football within her CCA and she wishes to seek permission to play with another club she must apply on the Official Application Form and forward it to the County Board, Provincial Council and to the National Grading Committee of Central Council.

The Grading Committee will make the final decision subject to appeal to Central Council. The closing date for a player seeking permission to play adult club football is 4 weeks prior to the commencement of the competition or 31st March*, whichever is the earlier, or an earlier date in the calendar year as the County Board may decide. The maximum number of players allowed to obtain permission to play for any club shall be 3. This permission is to be renewed on an annual basis

Please note: the permission to play application form is applicable to ADULT players only. 

Juvenile players (U18 down) seeking P2P must submit a letter from their club Secretary stating that their home club is not in a position to provide them with football at their own specific age group and as such are granting the player permission subject to Dublin LGFA County Board approval to play at her age group only with another club for the forthcoming playing season. 

A second letter from the Secretary of the club to whom she wishes to play football with in 2020 is also required stating they are willing to accept the player on a P2P basis for the 2023 season. BOTH letters should be forward to the County Secretary on or before the 15th of January 2023. 

Permission-to-Play Application Form