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Welcome to the club MENTOR contact page of the Dublin Ladies Gaelic Football Association

Please find the 2023 Dublin mentor contact list. Note this list is continuously updated and is subject to change. 

DO NOT use the any persons contact details to set up individual WhatsApp groups or similar.

The LGFA (national level) has developed a good working relationship with the Data Protection Commissioner and following their advice, from a legal and safeguarding perspective it would be irresponsible for the LGFA as an organisation with a legal responsibility to “endorse” the use of WhatsApp. This is due to the non-compliance of WhatsApp (as a company) with data protection regulations along with other safeguarding issues around the sharing of personal data such as phone numbers and pictures in WhatsApp groups.

2023 Club MENTORS Contact list updated 31.05.2023.pdf

You may contact club secretaries via their LGFA generic email address for example 

Please note mentor and club officer contact information is to be used solely for communication purposes by affiliated Dublin LGFA clubs.

This information shall not be used for any other purpose and especially by a third party. 

Any sharing of a person’s details must only be done with their express knowledge and permission of the person, otherwise, under GDPR this will be treated as a data breach.

General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

Individual Privacy Rights.pdf

Additional information on GDPR can be found on the LGFA website see link below;