Coaching Courses & Workshops

The LGFA in Croke Park have organised a number of coaching webinars that members can avail of, see below the list of topics and how you can register.

Topic: Demonstrate How to Plan, Layout and Review a Coaching Session

Date: Thursday 25th March

Time: 7pm

Description: This webinar will focus specifically on how coaches plan, layout and review their coaching sessions. Some practical tips along with sample session plan templates will be provided to assist coaches with this process.

Topic: Coaching The Keeper – The Coaches Perspective

Date: 19th April

Time: 7pm

Description: This webinar will aim to support Coaches to develop goalkeeping practices & strategies in a team environment.

Topic: Being Inclusive: How to Cater for all Ability Levels in a Coaching Session

Date: Tuesday 4th May

Time: 8pm

Description: This webinar will focus on how coaches can cater for players of varying ability levels within a session. Topics such as planning, group management, layout of a session, how to challenge every player relative to their stage of development will be covered on the night.

Topic: Coaching within the Rules of the Game

Date: Monday 17th May

Time: 8.30pm

Description: This webinar will refresh coaches on the basic rules of our game and ensure our coaching approach on the training pitch is in line with matchday situation.

All the webinars are free of charge and come highly recommended for more information, to view the full list of webinars available and how to register for same please click on the link below