New Sports Science framework for Gaelic Games

  • May 11,2023
Launch of new Sports Science framework for Gaelic Games

A specially designed framework for the development and provision of sports science at club and county level across Gaelic Games has been launched.

For more than two years a workgroup of experts chaired by Dr Aoife Lane has spearheaded the development of guidelines in best practice that aim to make sports science accessible to not just elite inter-county teams but of relevance and benefit to players at every stage of the Gaelic Games Player Pathway.

Speaking at its initial launch Dr Lane said: “We’re very conscious of clubs investing a lot of money in specialists when there could and should be a pathway for club coaches to get some accreditation or qualification to be able to deliver content around athletic development, nutrition or performance analysis, for example.”

The purpose of this new guide is to provide a framework for the application of sports science across Gaelic Games that is aligned to the Gaelic Games Player Pathway. 

Healthy and holistic player development may be led by the Gaelic Games workforce, and also coaches, teachers, parents and guardians, and can be supported by evidence-based education and qualified practitioners from various disciplines of sports science. 

This sports science knowledge and experience is most beneficial to coaches and players when consistently and appropriately applied and delivered in practice within the values of Gaelic Games.

The Performance Analysis Guide for Practice was launched in October 2022 . There is an education pathway for all coaches interested in completing the Introduction to Performance Analysis Courses (online) as well as accreditation workshops designed specifically for Performance Analysts. 

The other 5 discipline groups will begin work, in collaboration with the Gaelic games system, on designing (and in some cases updating) learning and development opportunities that will help inform good practice for all involved in the gaelic games family including volunteer coaches, administrators, staff, players and parents/guardians.

It is envisioned that the full delivery of this programme can be achieved by 2030 with capacity for adaptation and responsiveness to an ever evolving and expanding evidence base for sports science, particularly in the context of Gaelic Games and across specific subgroups of expertise.

The six subgroups are; Athletic Development, Nutrition, Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation, Sports Psychology, Performance Analysis and Skill Acquisition.

Further details on this initiative and the vision for Sports Science in Gaelic Games between now and 2030 can be found in a podcast discussion between Martin Kennedy of GAA Games Development with Dr Lane via this link CLICK HERE