Go Ahead Adult Competitions INFO

  • Mar 29,2022

Go Ahead Adult Club League / Cup Competitions 2022

Our Adult club season gets underway this coming Wednesday night March 30th, with approx. 120 teams competing this year. Wishing all players, their management teams and club all the very best for what we hope will be an uninterrupted and enjoyable few months of football.  

Please find below a copy of the adult calendar and playing rules compiled from 15th March County Board Meeting. The Cup format for Division 2 adult games has been amended to match the competition structure agreed on 15th March.

2022 Calendar Adult, ratified 15th March 2022, with notes.xlsx

Dublin LGFA 2022 Playing rules, approved to 15-03-2022, D2 Cup amended.docx

Congress 2022 Rule changes to come into effect from 2nd April;

Can all mentors and players please read the rule changes from Congress that come into effect from 2nd April, 

Congress Rules Changes 2022(1), received 16th March.pdf

Key rule changes to note are - 

The kick out from 20 meter line for both wide's and scores. 

The distance for the kicks if extra time results in a draw will be 25m rather than 30m (remaining 20m for U14). 

If the Team captain is not starting the game then an on-pitch captain will need to be nominated to take the toss and interact with the referee.

Water Breaks;

Water breaks remain in place for all matches up to and including 1st April, so there will be water breaks on Wednesday 31st March for the first round of adult Cup fixtures. From April 2nd there will be no water breaks for Dublin LGFA competition fixtures, as approved at the Dublin County Board meeting on 15th March.