Latest Covid 19 Update

  • Jun 10,2021


A chara,


Following in line with the restrictions re-opening as of this week, all matches, competitive and challenge games at all levels of club and inter-county are now permitted to take place.


With County Competitions commencing in the very near future (if not already) we wanted to clarify a query that a large number of clubs have already been in touch with.


Challenge Games; Teams can only play 1 challenge match per week (every 7 days).


Also no Challenge games between clubs in the North and South are currently permitted.


This is due to movement between the two jurisdictions is essential reasons only.


As is the case for a large number of our clubs, some players play up a grade or two, these players can play in more than 1 game a week as long as it’s with different teams e.g. Player play league match with U16 on Thursday 10th June and U18 in a challenge game on Sunday 13th June.


This would also cover the players who are on county panels as well.


A reminder for challenge games; As per rule 313;


Authorisation to hold and/or to compete in all tournament, friendly and challenge games shall be obtained 48 hours in advance by all the teams from:


(A) The County Board for games within the county (Dublin LGFA email:

(B) Provincial Council, where the teams are from different Counties within the same Province (Dublin will apply to Leinster on behalf of a club)

(C) Central Council, where teams are from more than one Province County secretaries to be copied in on all applications in the case of (b) and (c).


I hope this clarifies the situation for all clubs with matches.


We wish all clubs the very best with the new season.




Helen O’Rourke


LGFA Match Regulations for Covid 19.pdf

2021 NHSC Guidelines for Return of Spectators.pdf