Upcoming Goal Keeping Webinars

  • Mar 04,2021

Leinster LGFA in conjunction with National LGFA will be running a series of webinars on “Coaching the Goalkeeper”. These webinars are aimed at all goalkeepers, club coaches & managers and are a result of a Leinster LGFA club survey.

The series will be preceded by LGFA Show “Coaching the Goalkeeper” hosted by Jackie Cahill with Goalkeepers Monica McGuirk (Meath) and Martina O’Brien (Cork) and Leinster Development Officer Stephen Maxwell which will be released on LGFA channels on March 22nd.

Below are the registration links for both Webinars

Coaching the Goalkeeper – The Players Perspective

Date: 12th April

Time: 7pm

Aimed at: Goalkeepers & Coaches of all ages.

Description: This webinar is designed to promote ideas and strategies to develop as a goalkeeper.

To book your place CLICK HERE


Coaching The Keeper – The Coaches Perspective

Date: April 19th

Time: 7pm

Aimed at: All Coaches (Club & County) of all ages.

Description: This webinar will aim to support Coaches to develop goalkeeping practices & strategies in a team environment.

To book your place CLICK HERE