Dublin LGFA Juvenile Finals 2017 Info

  • Oct 20,2017

Dublin LGFA Juvenile Finals 2017

Dublin LGFA would like to wish all those participating in juvenile finals this weekend an enjoyable and sporting game.

As there is stormy weather conditions predicted for the weekend across the Dublin region some fixtures may have to be switched or indeed postponed. If an alternative venue is available it would beneficial if the game could get played however please note that both participating clubs most agreeable to the new venue. If there is no agreement than the fixtures reverts to the weekend of the 4/5th of November. 

Again if both clubs are in agreement the game can be played the bank holiday weekend 28/29th of October or midweek again if an agreeable venue is available. 


It is vital that clubs contact the assigned match official to ensure they are available to officiate your final and please keep her/him up to date with any change to the fixture.

For the 62 finals we are hoping that the trophies and medals will be brought to the host venues a currently listed.Please note If venues change there is no certainty that the trophy and medals will be available but we will endeavour do our best.

Mentors please note: 

For U13 Cup and shield unlimited substitution is allowed but all changes should be notified by slip submitted to the referee. 

For U14 to minor a maximum of 20 players in total may be fielded and all changes should be notified by slip submitted to the referee. 

If the game is played 15 a side (when both teams have 15 players available) the maximum number of substitutions is 5 (if a player is reintroduced this uses up a substitution). If playing at less than 15 a side the number of substitutions is increased as in a 13 a side game 7 subs may be made, and at 11 a side game 9 subs may be made. 

Remember extra time is to be played in all finals should the match end level extra time is 20mins [10mins each half] if the game is still level after extra time then penalty kicks will decide the result of the game. 

5 kicks [For Points not goals, with no player from either team goal side of the kicker] to be taken by each side from the 20m line. Each player may take one attempt only. Should the player overstep the line before taking the kick that kick shall be void, any score will not count and that player may not re-taken, sudden death thereafter.

Full list of juvenile games for the weekend of the 21st - 22nd of October is available to view by clicking on the link below;


Best of luck, everyone!